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28 Days
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28 Days

28 Days are already something of a phenomenon in their native Australia being one of only 8 domestic acts to chart at number 1 with their debut album. This in itself may not be a great cause for celebration outside of the bands immediate circle, were it not for the fact that the band have already made many friends and considerable waves around the rest of the world.

There's an honesty to their attitude that is frankly refreshing. They love making music and regard playing live as something in itself to celebrate, as bassist Damien's quick to underline, "we're just doing exactly what we all love - making records and playing live - it's awesome!"

Frequent visits to Europe and support slots with some of the biggest names on the US skate and hardcore scene have given their profile a massive boost. The tactic is definitely working as singer Jay explains, "We're starting to see all the hard work pay off and it's amazing! The kids are rad when we play live and the vibe is just as comparable to anything we've received in Oz. We just wanna keep coming back!"

It all seems to stem from the bands origins as skaters and snow boarders, who shared a common love for a mixed musical bag. Deftones, Sick Of It All, Shihad, CIV, Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five, and The Beastie Boys are all common points of reference amongst the 5 piece.

Being true to their roots has helped them mix with their peers without fear. Mainman Jay describes the experience of touring with NY's hardcore veterans Sick Of It All, notorious within the hardcore scene for being as tough as their records, the two bands hit it off immediately and friendships were forged. "We really didn't know what to expect touring with such an old-skool crew who are revered within the hardcore scene, but it was absolutely amazing! They're cool. We've learnt a lot from them, made heaps more new friends and had a blindin' time!"
They even have nice things to say about the record company, but then that's part of the joy of success that has seen their debut album Upstyledown pass the platinum sales mark in Australia. It's not going badly elsewhere either.

So the powers of positive thinking and lots of hard work have set the band on the road to success. None of this would mean anything of course without the songs to back it all up. As you can hear for yourself, their blend of hardcore, pop, Hip-Hop and turntable gymnastics easily demonstrates that their success to date is no fluke.

Already sited by Kerrang, the UK's leading rock-style mag as ones to watch this year, the way 28 Days are building up a fan base we are looking at a global phenomenon that will put their homeland success in the shade. But then you get the impression that that's no problemo!!!!


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