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Harriet’s Got A Song
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Ben Kweller

Somewhere in a city far, far away, a new hope is bornÖ

Ben Kwellerís new five-song EP released 24 June 2002 debuts three tracks from the upcoming album, the nonchalantly titled Sha Sha, and is new Warners imprint - 679 Recordings' first release since the commercially and critically lauded Original Pirate Material by The Streets.

An adopted New Yorker, Ben might sound a few thousand miles away from his cross Atlantic counterparts, but in spirit and lyrical tenacity heís right there with them in urban Britannia.

When an artist manages to successfully blend so many aspects of those he admires itís churlish to put them into a box labelled A or B. To give you an idea, Benís pop CV is bursting to the seams with quality support slots, all of whom branch from the same tree he aims to climb. Evan Dando, Pavement, the Eels, Dinosaur Jr , Jeff Tweedy of Wilco, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, the Moldy Peaches, and Mercury Rev- Benís brethren in so much more than just a shared stage.

Flitting from melody-rich piano melancholy to warm reams of poppy new-wave distortion, this EP reflects but a brief glimmer from his jewel of a forthcoming LP. How It Should Be (Sha Sha) couldíve been a collaboration between Stephen Malkmus and Tom Petty - spiraling wafts of psychedelia and keyboard. At the other end of the scale, Harrietís Got A Song is the more handsome and intelligent elder brother of a US college rock and a definite radio hit in the making.

Ben Kweller's Sha Sha EP, is released through 679 Recordings on 24 June 2002.

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