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Goldrush are an Oxfordshire based five-piece made up of G (Drums, Wurlitzer), Jef (Keyboards, Bass), Garo (Guitars, Vocals, Piano, Drums), Robin (Guitars, Keys, Vocals, Drum Programs) and Joe (Bass, Vocals, Keys, Violin, Trumpet).

Not only are they accomplished musicians, they also run their own label (Truck Records) and organise their own annual festival (The Truck Festival – every July). Their latest single Same Picture, the follow up to the Pioneers EP released in February, is a hook-laden gem that is instantly spellbinding. Released on 7” and CD through Virgin Records on 3 June 2002, Same Picture is the song that should take Goldrush to even greater glory.

As well as touring extensively in the UK with the likes of Elbow and The Electric Soft Parade, Goldrush have just finished recording their first LP, co-producing it with Lenny Franchi (Tricky, Bjork, Mogwai, The Music). Don't Bring Me Down, is an astonishingly accomplished and ambitious album, driven by passion-filled harmonies and tunes that owe as much to classic Americana as they do to a certain English charm. Don't Bring Me Down is released later this month through the band's own Truck Records imprint on Virgin Records, with whom the band have recently signed a long-term deal.

Goldrush are central to the Truck empire - the label was originally created so the band could release their own records, but now signed are Black Nielson, Fonda 500 and the Juggernaut imprint (Rock of Travolta and Dustball). Truck is also a recording studio (based on a farm in Steventon) and a festival. The Truck Festival, now in its fifth year, attracts over three thousand people. This year’s festival takes place on 20 and 21 July at Hill Farm, in Steventon, near Abingdon, south Oxfordshire.

A Same Picture
B What You Gonna Do

1 <i>Same Picture</i>
2 <i>Life Like This</i>
3 <i>Cape Canaveral</i>

Goldrush Same Picture was released on 7” and CD through Virgin Records on 3 June. Their album Don't Bring Me Down, will be released on Truck Records later this month.

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