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McKinney, Manchester label Attica Records' newest signing, are Marc Ash (vocals), J Thorn, Lead Guitar, Peter Holmes-Taylor (guitar), Nico Jones (bass), and Brent Kern (drums). The band are named after the infamous Mormon beauty queen Joyce McKinney, who was accused and brought to trial for kidnapping a man at gunpoint, chaining him to a bed and raping him. Apparently, she is still on the run, somewhere in the Appalachians, twenty five years later!

Described by Attica as a mixture of The Pixies and PJ Harvey, McKinney the band, offer up an explosive mixture of sex, beauty, sleaze, religion, and twisted dreams. Produced by Mike Simii (New Order and other Factory Records acts), with remixes completed by Utah Saints' producer Guy Hatton, the band produce rock with meaning and roll till the bed gives way. Their sound, a fusion of edgy vocals and grunging guitars, is highly charged with energy, beauty and corruption.

The words of vocalist and song-writer Marc Ash, tell stories of old in a new light, she also brings a damaged glamour to the lyrics - shackled beauty, sleazy energy, a blazing light backed by three guitars and a massive drum sound.

Their single Surreal, released through Attica Records on 27 May 2002, is the first single from McKinney's debut album Me Me Me due out this October. The single also comes with two other album tracks Stripped, and Something Happened. McKinney will also be touring nationwide to support the album nearer the release date.

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