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Papa Roach
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Papa Roach

Papa Roach, quite possibly the hardest working band in rock, with their most powerful single to date, She Loves Me Not, which was released on Dreamworks Records on 10 June 2002. She Loves Me Not, is the first release from their forthcoming second studio album LoveHateTragedy, which is released on 17 June.

She Loves Me Not, sees the band head in a new direction that contains fewer hip hop influences, and more out-and-out rock, with the only rap on the new album appearing in this first single. Jacoby’s vocals have never sounded better with the driving force behind the track coming from David’s huge drum breaks. On top of that, the riffs of Jerry (guitar) and Tobin (bass) make it a truly awesome track, and one that’s sure to reinstate Papa Roach at the top of the rock pile.

The new album LoveHateTragedy also looks set to gain Papa Roach a lot more fans and could well be the catalyst that will propel Papa Roach into superstar status. Producer Brendan O’Brien (Pearl Jam, Rage Against The Machine, Stone Temple Pilots) was the band’s only choice for masterminding the album and as luck would have it, the legendary producer was keen to work with the Californian four piece – as you can tell from the album sampler above, the end result is pretty spectacular.

P-Roach spent much of December 2001 in a Los Angeles recording studio with O’Brien, and singer Jacoby Shaddix (formerly Coby Dick), guitarist Jerry Horton, bassist Tobin Esperance and drummer David Buckner headed off to O’Brien’s home base in Atlanta in February to finish the vocal tracking and begin mixing. “[Brendan is] the right guy for us right now,” Shaddix told MTV in a studio interview aired on 16 January, “He’s big and rocking, and that’s where we are taking this next record: to a rock edge.”

Many of the tracks on the album came together last summer when the band toured with Ozzfest. It’s perhaps not surprising that many of them address Papa Roach’s dizzying transition from hometown heroes to international sensation and the interpersonal havoc it has wreaked.

“We wrote a song called Decompression Period” Shaddix told MTV, “There was a point in time where we almost broke up. We went through two bottles of vodka a night. We were just not happy as people. We came home, and I needed some space to clear my head and think about what I was going through…. The relationship with our band has gotten stronger singing a song like that…. We fought a lot recording the last album. With this one, we’re excited about it and it’s flowing naturally.”

“I’m not going to lie – there’s pressure,” added Esperance, “Of course we want other people to accept it and like it. But as long as we’re happy with it, that’s all that really matters. And we have a record that rocks.”

To launch the single and soon to be released album, Papa Roach played a one off gig at London’s Mean Fiddler on 18 May, tickets for the gig sold out in 5 minutes. The band are set to return to the UK for a full tour later in the year.

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Papa Roach She Loves Me Not was released through Dreamworks Records on 10 June 2002. Their new studio album LoveHateTragedy, is released on 17 June.

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